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Company team

Melik Duyar, Founder of Anzan

He is called"the man who forgot to forget". As well as being one of the early pioneer mental athletes in the world, Mr Duyar is one of the few leaders promoting brain training and mental literacy in the world.
In 1994, after receiving one gold and two bronze medals in the " World Memory Championships" in London, he was presented among the first top ten mental athletes in the world by the "Buzan's Book of Genius." 
Company team

Wellon Chou, President of Anzan Asia Pacific  

Wellon Chou is the 1st Certified International Master of Memory in Singapore. Holder of 6 Singapore Book of Record. His expertise includes Mnemonics, Mind-mapping, Arithmetic & Brain Development.
Being appointed as the Vice-President of Asia Memory Sports Alliance and Chairman of Memoriad Asia Pacific. Hi mandate includes directing the growth of mental sports in both regional countries and globally.