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Anzan Online Classroom

Training your Brain at Home

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   Benefits of "Brilliant Mind First" term program 

  • Learn Arithmetic at Home-Along with Anzan Online Training

  • Brain Development for kids age 5-12 years old-Maximize Brain Capacity at younger age

  • Once a week online lesson-Save travelling time

  • 15 Minutes daily practice on Anzan Online Portal-Sharpen Children's skill through daily practice

5-12 years old will be the best period for Children to further develop their brain.

 Melik Duyar, Founder of Anzan
Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Message from Principal 

Hi Everyone, Welcome to Anzan Online Classroom.

I am teacher Wellon, first certified International Master of Memory in Singapore. 

I am glad to share a piece of great news with you. From now onward, you are able to learn arithmetic skill at home.

Anzan Online Classroom will be a great platform for children's brain development. 

Your child will be having once a week online lesson, together with 15 minutes daily practice through Anzan Onlien Portal. 

What does your kids required to do after weekly class?

Well, Anzan Online Classroom will not going to replace the Anzan Arithemetic off-line Brain Exercise Program. We are making the brain training more accessible in both Singapore and globally.


1 Lesson/Week


Complete on time


20 Minutes/Daily


Brain Challenges